Golani Officer and Armored Corps Soldier Killed in the Northern Gaza Strip
09 January 2009 , 02:06
IDF ground operation in the Gaza Strip
Tank in ground operation in the Gaza Strip. Photo: IDF Spokesperson IDF Spokesperson
Cpt. Omer Rabinovitz
Captain Omer Rabinovitz.
Sgt. Amit Robinson
Sergeant Amit Robinson.

Sergeant Amit Robinson, 20, an Armored Corps soldier from Kibbutz Magal, was killed on Thursday afternoon (Jan. 8) during a joint Infantry Corps, Armored Corps and Engineering Corps operation in the northern Gaza Strip. In a different incident Thursday afternoon, Captain Omer Rabinovitz (a Golani Squad Commander), 23, from Arad, was killed in the northern Gaza Strip.  During this incident IDF forces clashed with armed operatives, engaged in fire and hit the operatives. Cpt. Omer Rabinovitz's funeral will take place Friday at 12:00 in the military section of the Arad cemetery.

Two additional soldiers were lightly injured during the course of the gun-battles between IDF forces and armed terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip, and they were evacuated to hospital for medical treatment.  The soldier's families have been notified.

Concurrently, large numbers of Infantry Corps, Armored Corps, Engineering Corps, Artillery Corps and Intelligence Corps forces were operating in the Gaza Strip with air and naval support from the IAF and the IN.

Paratrooper Brigade forces located a weapons manufacturing laboratory, housing large quantities of explosive materials in the northern Gaza Strip, and two smuggling tunnels stocked with weaponry.  The tunnels were intentionally detonated under the supervision of the IDF forces.  Givati Brigade forces uncovered a smuggling tunnel, storing weaponry such as missiles, RPGs, AK-47 rifles, grenades and knives.

The IAF targeted over 40 Hamas sites throughout today. Among the targets were three weapons storage facilities, most of them hidden under Hamas operatives' homes; seven missile launching sites.  Numerous terrorist sites were also stuck by the Air Force as directed ground forces.  In addition to this, in a joint IDF and ISA operation this afternoon, forces targeted Batarek Abu Amshav, a senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative.  Abu Amshav, 22 from Beit Hanoun, is responsible for planting explosives against IDF forces, and for daily rocket fire on to Sderot and the surrounding communities of the Gaza Strip.  Hamas operative Muhammed Nagad, 26 from Jibaliya, was also targeted during the operation.

The IDF will continue to operate against the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip and anyone who aids them.