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The Kfir Brigade, under the command of the Plada Formation in the Central Command, is the largest brigade in the Israel Defense Forces. The unit was officially formed in February 2005 out of a collection of battalions – Nachshon, Shimshon, Haruv, Duchifat, Lavi, and Netzah Yehuda – into a full brigade. The Brigade specializes in anti-terror fighting and combats in urban areas, its soldiers are willing to volunteer to stand at the forefront of a determined fight against terrorism. The brigade's battalions are deployed in Palestinian towns stretching from Hebron in the south to Tulkarem in the north, sharing the burden of intense fighting. The brigade carries out challenging, complex operations demanding the soldiers demonstrate a level of expertise, steadfastness, initiative, and determination on a daily basis.

Brigade's Vision:
Victory and resourcefulness in battle and professional.treatment of it human resources.

Brigade's Purpose:
To act as a maneuverable brigade formation capable of applying force in cooperation with other units for the purpose of carrying out tactical missions in various forms of battle. The Brigade specializes in fighting terrorism, guerilla forces, and regular forces in urban areas.