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The Golani Brigade is the oldest of all the Brigades of the IDF. The Brigade was established on February 28, 1948, together with the 'Carmeli' Brigade. Due to the dismantling of the 'Levanoni' Brigade, whose assignment was to defend the entire northern region of the country, Golani was established in order to defend the northeastern region, while Carmeli would handle the protection of the northwestern region. Among the soldiers of the Brigade were members of the Hagana organization, the residents of the settlements in the region, and enlistees from various areas of Israel. Even before the independence of the state was officially declared, the soldiers of the Brigade fought in the regions of Mishmar Ha'emek, Tiberias, Migdal, and as part of the police force in Zemach, and Rosh Pina. There they defended the northern Galilee and the valleys of the region. Additionally, they took part in the capture of Safed. In the operation known as 'Yiftach', they captured the Arab-populated areas of the town of Sajra, Beit She'an and the remaining areas.

The Golani Brigade's objective is to engage enemy forces in open combat and urban warfare, on foot, or in armored personnel carriers.