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The Givati Brigade was originally founded in 1947. In 1956, after the Sinai Campaign, the Brigade was discontinued as part of IDF reorganization. In 1983, in light of the Peace for Galilee campaign, there was a need for additional infantry forces in IDF's combat alignment.

The Givati Brigade- the very same brigade which faced the Egyptian military during the War of Independence. The first commander of the Brigade was Colonel Yehuda Duvdevani. The newly established Brigade was based upon the 'Shaked' Battalion, the remnant of the legendary 'Shaked' elite unit. The unit was established in 1958, and their action area was the Southern Command. The Shaked Battalion was later joined by the Tzabar and Rotem Battalions, and four units under the Brigade's jurisdiction; the Special Forces battalion, the combat engineering battalion, the anti-tank battalion, and the special communications battalion.

The purpose of the Givati Brigade is specializing in Sea to Land operations. These operations require the force to launch from the ocean, and execute their mission on dry land.