Ordnance Corps

The Armament Corps is a technological corps that assists the combat soldiers in the IDF Ground Forces. It is in charge of all of the armaments of the IDF Ground Forces. The corps is responsible for the upkeep of all of the equipment of the IDF. In addition, they provide technical support for various units, and develop all of the needed armaments of the IDF. It is the largest technological corps of all of the Ground Forces, and its manpower is among the largest of all of the units of the IDF.

At the head of the command is an officer with the rank of Brigadier General-the Head Officer of Armaments. He is under the command of the head of the Logistics and Technology Branch, and acts as a personal advisor for the Chief of General Staff.

The Armament Corps is spread throughout all of the units of the IDF-from the battlefields to the classrooms of the homefront- and it handles a vast array of equipment. Officers and soldiers of the unit are demanded to reach a high level of professionalism in order to develop weapons for the 21st century. This kind of professionalism is taught in the school for armaments in Bahad 20 Instructional Base, alongside the technological institute in which the next generation of the corps studies.