Intelligence Branch
General Staff Elite

Unit Purpose:

The General Staff Elite ('Sayeret Matkal') is considered the best combat unit in the IDF, and one of the best Special Forces units in the world; a unit where the word 'professionalism' represents a way of life.

The warriors of the unit are selected with the utmost care, through rigorous tests and physical trials. The warriors specialize in commando operations and scouting (-including navigation and operation of a vast range of vehicles). In this unit, the most technologically advanced equipment that the IDF has at its disposal is put to use. The unit even has certain equipment that it alone uses.

The Warriors Training:

Training starts in the Paratroops basic training base. The course takes a year and eight months. The warriors start their basic training as part of the regular Paratroops basic training routine. After four months they part ways and continue to their own 'unit training.' This specialized training exposes the soldiers to an intense physical regimen. At the conclusion of the stage they do their Beret March. At the end of the grueling 120 kilometers-they receive their red beret.

Following this, they proceed to the Unit Base at the center of the country, and they start the specialization part of the training. This entails: 15 weeks of navigation in the wilderness, exercises in capturing and overrunning structures, terror exercises (where they utilize all known forms of weaponry), the IDF sniper's course, weeks where they learn how to stay camouflaged during operations, and learn how to use an array of different Army and civil modes of transportation. In addition, they have weeks of studies of equipment that the unit alone is authorized to use (Sapping, scouting, etc.) In order to finish the course in its entirety, the requirements are: extreme motivational skills, physical fitness, mental alacrity, and mainly-being able to make decisions under pressure.