IDF Spokesperson Unit

The IDF Spokesperson Brigade represents the IDF in the communication arena, widening its scope constantly.  Publishing communication announcements, quick and reliable updates, guided press tours and commander training are only a portion of the operations the troops and commanders implement daily.  The brigade operates daily with 500 media outlets and 2500 journalists and civilian agents addressing over 2000 inquiries a month.

Mission Statement:
The purpose of the IDF Spokesperson's Unit is to report on the accomplishments and activities of the IDF to the Israeli and international public, to nurture public confidence in the IDF, and to serve as the IDF's primary professional authority on matters of public relations and distribution of information to the public.

Professional Functions:
The IDF Spokesperson's Unit performs a variety of functions. This includes: serving as the spokesperson for the IDF both at home and abroad, developing and implementing IDF public relations policies, disseminating military related information to the public, instructing IDF personnel in matters pertaining to PR, and developing relationships with media outlets and accompanying them to military events.