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General Description

Marva is an IDF program that allows young Jews to learn and experience the basics of IDF and Israeli life. The program lasts between seven to eight weeks and each week, students are stationed at a different base.

Program Outline:‏

This program is open to participants from all over the world.  The program is conducted in simple Hebrew, allowing for significant improvement of Hebrew skills. Activities range from camp craft, navigation, and topography to hikes, lectures, seminars and walking tours, participation in training exercises, and being in the field. Emphasis is placed on Israel’s security situation during lectures on specific social and political issues. The program is based in the Southern Negev on a Gadna base, but participants will spend considerable time in various other parts of the country, including Jerusalem,  the Golan Heights, the Galilee, and more.‏

Acceptance Criteria:‏

Applicants should be Jewish tourists between the ages of 18-28.  A working knowledge of Hebrew is required (must complete ulpan level aleph). Marva is a physically and mentally demanding program.  Applicants are expected to be in excellent physical health and must be highly motivated. It is necessary to undergo a personal interview prior to acceptance.‏

Dates for Project Marva, 2009:

    January 4 - February 26
    March 29 - May 28
    June 28 - August 20
    October 11 - December 03

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