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General Description

Tzofim Garin Tzabar is a group of young Jews with a strong connection to Israel, that are interested in coming or returning to Israel from abroad to serve in the army. The Garin returns to Israel as a group, lives together on a kibbutz while each member serves in different places within the IDF. For those who want to join the IDF, but are afraid to do it alone, Tzofim Garin Tzabar offers a support network for young adults.

The program includes 5 seminars throughout the year in which the participants deal with their own personal dilemmas and learn more about joining the IDF. They learn about their duties in the army and their rights as citizens of Israel.  Additionally, they create important relationships with peers who will share this experience with them. The seminars are in Hebrew in order to begin practicing the language long before service begins. Therefore, basic knowledge of Hebrew is necessary, although the program works with participants who have lesser knowledge of the language.

Core contents of the program:

• IDF service
• Kibbutz Ulpan
• Tours of different places throughout Israel

What does it include?

• Five preparation seminars in the U.S. in the year prior to departure
• Four months living on a Kibbutz in Israel including full accommodation
• Preparation for army service
• Kibbutz Ulpan
• Tours and seminars in Israel
• Accommodation on the Kibbutz during the army service.‏

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