Major General Tal Russo, GOC Southern Command
Maj. Gen. Tal Russo
Maj. Gen. Tal Russo Photo: IDF Spokesperson

Maj. Gen. Tal Russo. Photo: IDF Spokesperson

Born in Israel in 1959 in Kibbutz Holta in the north. Drafted into the IDF in 1978 to an elite unit and released in 1981 as a unit commander.

  • 1982- Returned to the IDF during the Galilee War and served in a Special Forces unit as a company commander. At the completion of missions conducted as part of the company commander, Russo received officer's ranks.
  • 1983- Reserve company commander in an elite unit.
  • 1985- Deputy commander of a Special Forces unit.
  • 1986- Deputy commander of an elite unit.
  • 1987- Released from the IDF.
  • 1989- Returned to the IDF as project manager in an elite unit.
  • 1991- Givati Brigade "Rotem" Battalion commander.
  • 1992- Commander of a special Paratroopers Brigade force.
  • 1994- Commander of a special reserve force.
  • 1997- The collage of national security.
  • 1998- Nahal Brigade Commander.
  • 2001- Division Commander.
  • 2003- "Steel Division" Commander.
  • 2006- The Chief of Staff's project manager on the issue of the connection and relationship between military and the national religious public.
  • 2006 (during the war in Lebanon and after it)- Assistant of the Head of the Operations Directorate in special missions.

Brigadier General Russo graduated from the University of Haifa with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. He also holds a Masters degree in Business Management from the University of Tel Aviv.

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