Major General Gadi Eizenkot, GOC Northern Command
Major General Gadi Eisencoot
Maj. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot Photo: IDF Spokesperson

Major General Gadi Eizenkot started his military career in the Golani brigade, where he held the entire range of command positions, including squad, platoon and company commander, battalion operations officer, 'Orev' company commander, Battalion 13 commander, and deputy brigade commander.

Major General Gadi Eizenkot served in the following positions during his military service in the IDF:

  • 1992-1993: Reserve infantry battalion commander.
  • 1994: Commander of Efraim Territorial Brigade.
  • 1997-1998: Commander of Golani Brigade.
  • 1999: Military secretary to the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.
  • 2001-2003: Commander of 'Amud Haesh' Formation.
  • 2003: Commander of Judea & Samaria Division.

Major General Gadi Eizenkot holds a bachelor's degree in General History from Tel Aviv University and a graduate diploma from the US College of Military and Security Studies.

Major General Gadi Eizenkot is married and is father of five children.

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