03 July 1998 : An aerial carnival in the skies of Tel Aviv
In honor of the 50th Independence Day of the State of Israel, two aerobatic performances were held above the coast of Tel Aviv. Teams from Air Forces of Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, Chile, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic participated in the performance, as well as Ukrainian, American, and British combat planes.
06 July 1998 : Colonel Ilan Ramon begins astronaut training program
Colonel Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut, begins his astronaut training program at Johnson Space Center in Texas. "I look forward to a fascinating season," he said upon his departure for the program. To the great sorrow of Israel and the world, Colonel Ramon was killed February 1, 2003 when the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on its return to Earth.
16 March 1998 : Fatal Helicopter Crash
During a practice flight near the coast of Netanya a "Cobra" helicopter crashes into the sea as a result of a technical difficulty. Its pilots, Brigadier General Shmuel Eldar, the Commander of Palmachim base, and Second Lieutenant Ilan Gur, are killed.
12 May 1998 : Lieutenant General Shaul Mofaz- the 16th IDF Chief of General Staff
In 1997 Mofaz served as the deputy chief of general staff. A year later the government approved his promotion to the position of chief of general staff.
During the majority of his military service Mofaz served in the Paratroopers Brigade.