25 February 1996 : A murderous terrorist attack on bus Line 18
Twenty two passengers are killed and 49 are injured in an intense explosion which horrifies the center of Jerusalem during the morning hours. A suicide bomber sets off a large explosive device on bus 18, about 500 meters from the Central bus station in Jerusalem.
31 July 1996 : Ilan Saadon's body found
The body of IDF soldier Ilan Saadon, kidnapped in May 1989, was found adjacent to Gan Sorek near Palmahim beach after intelligence information prompted a search of the area. Ilan Saadon was kidnapped on his way home on May 3, 1989 by two Hamas terrorists who were looking for religious Jewish hitchhikers to pick up. Saadon's two murderers successfully fled the country approximately a month after the murder.
10 February 1996 : Palestinian Police Officers cock their weapons in front of IDF soldiers who ask them to stop work for building an airport in Dahania near Rafah