17 January 1995 : A new Commander for the Armor Corps
Major General Moshe Peled retires from his role as the Commander of the Armor Corps and is succeeded by Brigadier General Amnon Reshef. Reshef was drafted into the IDF in '56 and during his entire army service he was a member of the Armor Corps.
19 July 1995 : School for Military Medicine building is constructed
NIS12 million is invested for the establishment of the School for Military Medicine. The facility includes 45 classrooms, an auditorium, and branches for training medics, commander orientation, and trauma. Construction is expected to take two years.
22 January 1995 : Suicide attack in Beit Lid Junction
Twenty-one soldiers are killed and 68 are injured in two Islamic Jihad terrorist suicide attacks in Beit Lid Junction. The fatal terrorist attacks occurred Sunday morning, while many soldiers were waiting for buses to take them to their bases. One bomber wore an IDF uniform and blew himself up near a kiosk in Beit Lid Junction. While soldiers and civilians helped the injured, the other terrorist dressed in IDF uniform blew himself up in the middle of a crowd of soldiers.
17 January 1995 : Two F-16 planes crash into each other near Palmachim
Following the crash that occurred during a routine practice flight the pilot, Captain Danny Overst, was killed and the second pilot parachuted into the sea and was pulled out.