20 October 1993 : New helicopters in the Navy
The Navy purchased new helicopters, which will be integrated into the defense alignment and security in the corps. The helicopters are adapted to operate with the new naval gunship "Sa'ar 5". The "Atalef" ("bat") is a marine helicopter that has been used since 1996. The helicopter operates from "Sa'ar 5" rocket ships, and conducts various missions such as rescue missions, observation, and target location. The helicopter replaced the previous Air Force marine helicopter, the "Dolphin". The crew o
25 July 1993 : Operation Accountability commences
The IDF launches Operation Accountability with the aim of striking the Hezbollah terror organization and other groups in Lebanon by damaging their infrastructure and support networks
06 January 1993 : Sixteen soldiers suffer injuries in a parachuting accident in the south of the country due to rough weather conditions
Sixteen soldiers are injured in a night parachuting exercise. The drill is conducted despite the rough weather conditions including strong winds and low visibility. Most of the soldiers broke their legs and a few suffered internal injuries. The GOC Southern Command decided to put those responsible for the parachuting practice on trial.
19 March 1993 : The "Eilat" frigate, the warship of the five ships built in the United States, is delivered to the Navy