14 February 1992 : "The Night of the Pitchforks"
A Squad Commander and two recruits who immigrated to Israel are murdered in a recruit tent encampment near Kibbutz Gal'ed by Israeli Arab terrorists. Following the event and on the basis of an investigation committee headed by the assistant of the head of the Operations Branch, Major General Nachmia Tamari, two officers who were responsible for the security of the base were dismissed from the army. The general Staff decided to change the security regulations in bases of the IDF.
16 February 1992 : IDF Apache helicopter gunships attack a procession of Hezbollah cars near the Jebashit settlement in Lebanon
Three cars are destroyed and one is damaged. Secretary General of the Hezbollah, Abbas Mussawi, was killed in the attack. Also, five of Mussawi's bodyguards were killed and a few other organization activists were injured. In the wake of the attack, Hezbollah escalated its terror activity against Israel, firing Katyusha rockets for a whole week at the settlements in the north.
21 October 1992 : The "Centurion" tank ends its service in the IDF
In a formal ceremony the IDF bade a final goodbye to the Centurion tank, after 32 years of active service. The first Centurion tanks arrived in Israel in the early 60's. the Centurion is a British tank which was first used in combat in the Korea war. Since its arrival in Israel the tank participated in all Israeli wars.