25 May 1948 : The fall of the Jewish quarter
After long weeks of a blockade by the Jordanian legion on the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, the civilians, IZL and Haganah warriors who were protecting the quarter surrendered.
01 February 1948 : British truck blows up in Palestine Post building
A British truck loaded with explosives blew up in the Palestine Post building in Jerusalem. Three Indian civilians were killed and 30 are injured while the building and two nearby houses were damaged.
16 May 1948 : The "Culture Service" is established
The corps will concentrate on raising the quality and promoting soldiers in different instructions about battle heritage, knowledge of Israel, culture, and education. In 1991 the corps was united with the Paramilitary Corps.
08 May 1948 : "Maccabi" Operation
The "Harel" and "Givati" Brigades continue gaining control over the passageway to Jerusalem. Beit Machsir and the Latrun posts are conquered.
09 July 1948 : Start of ten days of fighting in the War of Independence
Today began a ten-day period of fighting between the first ceasefire of the War of Independence, which was signed on July 8, and the second ceasefire, which was reached on July 18.
06 July 1948 : "Nachshon Operation"
Ben Gurion orders 1,500 combat soldiers to liberate the road to a besieged Jerusalem. In early 1948, David Ben Gurion commands a concentrated force of 1,500 soldiers to puncture the road leading to a besieged Jerusalem.
24 February 1948 : Armored service is established
The armored service is established, and Yitzhak Sadeh is appointed its commander.
03 February 1948 : Starting today, all 19-25 year olds are obliged to a mandatory full draft
A short time after the decision was made a draft letter was sent out to all males, both married and bachelors, under the age of 35. During the month of January changes will be made in the interior structure of the "Hagana" organization which eventually transformed it from an underground organization to a combatant army.
01 April 1948 : Military Police Corps is established
After the Corps is founded the "Investigating Military Police" unit is established as an inseparable part of the corps. Over the years the Military Police became an integral part of the IDF and the Israeli way of life
18 August 1948 : Conscription to Women's Corps
Mandatory conscription to military service began for single women and married women without children born between the years 1920 and 1930. Conscripts were assigned to various tasks, including nurses, signal operators, drivers, clerks, quartermasters, cooks, and more.
04 April 1948 : Mishmar Ha'Emek- the "rescuing army" under the command of Kaukaji attempts to conquer Mishmar Ha'Emek.
While the "Nachshon" operation was being conducted in Jerusalem, a series of battles took place in the north - the battles over Mishmar Ha'Emek.
09 July 1948 : Operation Dekel is begun to clean up the central Galilee
Forces of Brigade 7 and a battalion from the Carmeli Brigade, under the command of Chaim Laskov, purged the central Galilee of elements of the "Arab Liberation Army", a force of Arab volunteers under the command of Fauzi Al-Kaukaji. During the operation IDF forces took control of Nazareth and the lower Galilee, a mountainous region south of the Beit Netufa valley.
23 August 1948 : Operation Dust
In approximately 400 nighttime flights over several weeks, Israel Air Force planes flew hundreds of tons of general supplies, weaponry, and personnel to besieged parts of the Negev
21 May 1948 : The Air Force is established
The Israeli Air Force is officially established and is named the Jewish Flight Corps.
02 April 1948 : The battle of Kastel
In early April 1948 the Palmach received a report concerning the desertion of Kastel by Arab civilians.
15 May 1948 : The beginning of the Arab invasion of Israel and the start of the second part of the Independence war
The declaration of Israel's independence gave Arab armies the signal to invade the newborn Jewish state.
11 May 1948 : The city of Safed is captured
Safed is captured by the IDF after harsh battles, during which eight soldiers are killed. The Jewish section of Safed was besieged for a long period of time, and was surrounded by Arab civilians and Iraqi soldiers.
12 March 1948 : The IDF announces the establishment of "Artillery Service," which is to be known as the Artillery Corps.
20 January 1948 : The Jewish Agency purchases 24 "Piper" planes from the surplus of the British Royal Air Force