IDF Spokesperson Works to Build New Media Branch
09 February 2011 , 22:12
IDF is at the head of technology having a blog, blogger briefings, a twitter account, IDF English Website and soon a site in French . Archive Photo: IDF Spokesperson
The IDF Spokesperson spoke at the Herzliya Conference about the challenges on the battle of new media and the importance of its tools

Rotem Caro Weizman and IDF Website

The IDF Spokesperson Units various outlets are set to receive a bigger budget, said IDF Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Avi Benayahu  adding that resources would specifically be allocated to help strengthen new media tools and speaking at the 11th Annual Herzliya Conference, an annual conference discussing global policy. According to Brig. Gen. Benayahu, the unit will receive soldiers knowledgeable in the field who could simultaneously help speak on behalf of Israel (in whats called Israeli hasbara).

The battlefield has changed significantly. It is now set in urban fronts, the battles fought both in areas full of civilians where civilians are used as human shields and using technological changes and new media, said Brig. Gen. Benayahu.

According to the IDF Spokesperson, battalion commanders and company commanders need to understand international law and new media. They dont know if the person in front of them or on the second floor above them is a soldier, a civilian or a new media journalist, who documents everything then uploads everything online. Not long ago we saw how a 3.5 generation camera found its way into Ahmadinejads government where the CIA could not.

The IDF Spokesperson added that, the IDF is at the head of technology having a blog, blogger briefings, a twitter account, IDF English Website and soon a site in French and we are working on a facebook page and other blogs. According to Brig. Gen. Benayahu, for the IDF, the war on the new media front has already turned into a crucial subject matter in teaching IDF Spokesperson Unit soldiers and in the Command and Staff College

Brig. Gen. Benayahu added saying the delegitimization of the IDF and Israel is lead by Iranian bodies, who control various sites and blogs. This battle was planned ahead, timed and funded by pro-Iranian bodies. They also advise on the subject and feed organizations supporting the radical axes [including terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah], added the IDF Spokesperson.

To back up the words of Brig. Gen. Benayahu, Lt. Aliza Landes, head of the New Media desk at the IDF Spokesperson Unit, came on stage saying, the entire field of new media is about the democratization of information. Making it available to as many people as possible. And we try to take dry information and make it more palatable, more accessible and visually stimulating.

According to Lt. Landes, another attribute to the success of the IDF Spokesperson Unit is its YouTube channel, because visual information is the most intriguing. It is a proven fact which allows people to back up claims with tangible evidence.