ISA: Hamas Turning Gaza into Islamic Sharia Law State
01 November 2010 , 15:34
Dr. Al Astal wrote that enforcing the veil is not part of the familys mission, but the role of the state. Photo: Wikipedia
ISA research reveals that Hamas continues its efforts to gradually impose Islamic law on the residents of the Gaza Strip

Jonatan Urich

The Israel Security Agency (ISA) reported last week that Hamas began to intensify its use of the Internet for spreading Islamic values and religion, in an effort to shape the Gaza Strip as it wants it, according to the spirit of the strategic Islamization process plan gradually imposed, in order to turn Gaza into a state governed by Islamic religious law.

Media outlets in Gaza reported on the phenomenon of the increasing use of the Internet for religious purposes, first and foremost for the purpose of Dawah (the Islamic equivalent of missionary activity, or inviting people to understand Islam through dialogue), and on the increasing use by students of internet discussion forums to discuss Islamic and religious issues. Aside from the internet, Hamas also uses print media to let Islamic leaders express their opinions, by means of a column dealing with issues pertaining to Islam.

One example of this can be found in the journal Palestine, in which a female reader asks whether she is always required to wear a veil. She tells that while she had been standing in line for a very long time in the HMO to see a doctor, she got hot and therefore decided to remove the veil from her head. According to her, the women around her got angry at her and told her that in doing such, she was bringing disgrace upon her husband.

In response, Dr. Yunis Al Astal, a member of the Palestinian Clerics Association, said that the woman must always wear a veil if required to do so by her husband, since doing otherwise would jeopardize her marriage. Dr. Al Astal wrote that enforcing the veil is not part of the familys mission, but the role of the state, since it helps to keep the moral and religious character of the Palestinian society.

The ISA noted that Hamas struggle for its Islamist policy can also be found in the education program in Gazas schools. Hamas replaced the curriculum based on the Egyptian curriculum by a new program, which is designed in the spirit of the national Palestinian project, according to sources in the Strips Education Ministry quoted in the report.