Two IDF soldiers killed in exchange of fire with terrorists
Route 443 will soon be opened to Palestinian vehicles
Qassam rocket strikes in Negev
Laser weapons will replace existing systems in the IAF
Commander of the Kenyan Military visits Israel
Murderer of two IDF soldiers receives three life sentences
2nd generation Ethiopians complete the IDF Amir Course
IAF struck weapon storage facility in northern Gaza Strip
Maj. Gen. Galant to Hamas: IDFs response to Qassams may be surprising
Chief of Staff: Hamas unconcerned that the area is heating up
IDF soldier killed by friendly fire in the Gaza Strip
IAF struck weapons storage facility in Gaza
Chinese Ministry of National Defense Spokesperson Visits Israel
IAF strikes weapon smuggling tunnel in Gaza
2 Palestinans killed after attempt to stab soldier
IDF commanders brief UN Secretary-General on Middle East issues
Civilian killed by Qassam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip
Local authorities train for emergency situations
Spanish Air Force delegation visits Israel
13,144 tons of humanitarian aid crossed into the Gaza Strip last week
The Electronic Intifada on Facebook
Hamas made use of civilians as human shields
Chief of Staff: Military cooperation with Turkey continues
Construction of security fence between Israel and Egypt approved
Father and son slightly injured when Molotov cocktails hit their car on Road 443
Senior Hamas terrorist arrested
Indictment: Terrorist charged for planning a suicide attack on a bus
Chief of Staff: Ready for any threat from near or far
IDF authorizes UN sapper unit to enter Gaza
ISA: Decrease in terror incidents in February
Woman Make Security
Gaza continues receiving basic goods and medical supplies
2009: Highest Number of Minorities Serving in the IDF
Relations between the IDF and foreign militaries grow stronger
Peres: Iran has the intention of ruling the Arab world
Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi leaves for work visit to the United States
Maj. Gen. Zamir: "We salute you!"
76% of Recruits Request Combat Positions
Female Soldiers Guard With Robots
IDF Protects the Environment Project
IDF Dental Clinic treats Holocaust survivors
Fire opened at IDF forces on Route 443
Israeli apples exported to Syria
Explosives uncovered in northern Gaza
Gaza continues to get humanitarian aid
What Does a Soldier Receive in the IDF Kit?
IDF tests missile defense systems