Brig. Gen. Yishayahu Ben Anat: New Chief Officer of the Reserves
23 September 2008 , 09:24
Brig. Gen. Yishayahu Ben Anat appointed to his new position by Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi. Photo: IDF Spokesperson IDF Spokesperson

Yesterday, Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi awarded Col. Yishayhu Ben Anat the rank of Brigadier General upon Brig. Gen. Ben Anat's appointment to his new position as the Chief Officer of the IDF Reserves.  This appointment was made following Brigadier General Dani Van Biran's three year service in this position.

Brigadier General Ben Anat was an officer in the Armored Corps and was discharged from the army at age 25 with the rank of Captain.  He then served in the reserves and in the Northern Command as a Battalion Commander and as a Second Lieutenant Division Commander.

Brigadier General Dani Van Biran, who has finished his IDF career after serving as the Chief Officer of the IDF Reserves for three years, was an exemplary officer that provided a much valued service to the Israeli people.