30 % Rise in Qassam Rocket Fire
31 December 2007 , 20:46
Qassam rocket launchers uncovered
Qassam rocket launchers uncovered.

There has been a rise of 30 % in the number of Qassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip in the past year. During the year there were almost 1500 impacts of Qassam rockets and mortars, in comparison to 1000 last year, and 500 the year before. However, the statistics of the Southern Command demonstrate that the past year there was one projectile impact every 10 hours, as opposed to the year before where one impact was reported evry nine hours.

The results further demonstrated that during the conflict in the Gaza Strip, during the year of 2007, 188 people were injured, of which 60 were civilians, and 128 were soldiers. Additionally, in the past year and a half, more than 1600 shock victims were reported. Approximately 100 civilians were injured and two were killed during the conflict this year, from Qassam fire. This is as opposed to 2006 where approximately 90 civilians were injured and 2005 where 60 civilians were injured.

In the past six years, 2383 rocket impacts were reported, as well as 2543 mortar shells, most of which landed in Israeli territory. As a result of rocket fire, since 2001, 10 people were killed, and 43 were injured, most of them civilians. Also as a result of mortar fire, approximately 150 people were injured, of them 70 were soldiers and 80 civilians. In all, since 2001 until today, rocket and mortar fire originating in the Gaza Strip has caused the deaths of 20 people, and the injuring of 583 people.